“David, as Chair of our Board of Trustees, brings to the table his ability to quietly and effectively go straight to the main essence of the many complex issues we are grappling with at The FASD Trust and present them in a simple, clear manner, easy for all to understand. This is vital from our perspective, as we need to communicate clearly our key aims to potential funders, supporters and governmental / statutory authorities. David is very experienced in regards to accounting, money / cashflow management, taxation and governance; he perceives quickly the correct priority. We have been very grateful to him for his steering of The FASD Trust through some more difficult times and his on-going wise guidance as we try to keep resources – both staffing and finance – at the optimum level as our work rapidly expands.”

Julia Brown Joint CEO THE FASD TRUST

“The business required to reassess the direction for the ‘Mamma Ro’ brand and decide whether ‘stand-alone’ retail or distribution was the route to develop the brand in the UK. In additions serious concerns from the business’s Bankers at the time highlighted the requirement for a detailed business plan /cashflow model to approach alternative Banks in collaboration with the Local Enterprise companies ….. the required alternative Banking support was secured. …. After the securing of the Oil & Vinegar concept for our Master Franchise operation it was clear that the appointment of David See should be undertaken to re-write the business plan cashflow model (in a dynamic format to allow varying shop opening dates) to secure additional funding from our two Business Angel financiers and highlight the growth potential to our Bankers, to secure additional credit lines for the rapidly developing business. David See produced the necessary document and the required Business Angel and bank funding was secured. David supported our business at a crucial time when bank support and ‘seed’ funding were the high priorities and worked with the founders/directors.”

Paolo Moretti Director M3 Franchise Development Limited

“David worked tirelessly to get a ‘straight edge’ on the all the aspects and to bring visibility into the business. … developed real time management information… achieved long overdue compliance in the UK company and its Canadian & German subsidiaries …… forecasts and complex financial models…… When it became clear in November 2008 that, as a result of the global downturn the business was facing a shrinking order book he took a lead in downsizing the business …… heavily involved in an external investment in the business which required a restructuring of the balance sheet with a significant write off of the VC’s debt.”

Richard Trinder VC’s Board representative

“I have worked with David for more than 5 years now. He is the person to go to when you need an honest, independent view on something or you need a sensitive business matter handled with care and focus. David goes out of his way to help, and can really make a big difference to your business, I would wholeheartedly recommend him.”

Gavin Jones (E commerce Business Owner)

“My mother and I were impressed by David’s ability to achieve solutions and accomplish results to the satisfaction of all parties, in a calm agreeable manner. We also found him prompt, courteous and dependable and could rely on him to keep whatever commitments he made to us during the course of the assignment”

Stephen Wynd ACIS

“David has the ability to calmly convey information clearly, succinctly and accurately. His appropriate listening skills encouraged two-way communication which enabled the process to be addressed in the short time frame required. David has a professional and sensitive attitude with a pleasant demeanour with an optimism which is motivating.”

Deborah Jones Managing Director Study Site Co-ordination Limited